Server Hardware, PC Components,
Networking equipment, 4G Broadband Routers

Branded computer hardware components - SSD (nvme/m2) hard drives, mice, keyboards, memory, motherboards, internal external usb memory sticks and portable drives, network storage (NAS), server components, routers, 4G equipment including signal boosting for rural areas, CPU / GPU and bitcoin mining rigs.

Computer Hardware

Hand Computers and some of the tech things we do.

Hand Computers was established in 1997 and we have gathered a fair amount of moss over the years. No matter your requirements, if we cannot help directly we probably know someone that can. We have close relationships with programmers, website designers, Linux experts, database engineers, telecom voip mobile specialists and more!

Hand has it's own equipment in four UK data centers, this allows us to offer customers the full range of domain registration, domains hosting, dns pointing, email, webmail, file servers and cloud storage.

If you are a home user with any kind of problem or hardware requirement drop us an email. We are familiar with all aspects of home use from stubborn windows installation through to building high end gaming machines!

Most recently we have been installing 4G broadband systems for remote farms and properties on Dartmoor. We have also been helping with improved mobile phone signal.

All Things Tech

We can supply a broad range of

Website Domain Email Hosting

We have server equipment in several UK data centers and are able to offer domain and email hosting.

Server equipment

Rackmount Server Equipment

Custom built servers using Intel, Asus and SuperMicro equipment. Racks and silent racks supplied.

Laptops Tablets Mobile Phones

Full range of Apple, Samsung IOS and Android tablets and mobiles. Linux laptops available in your distro of choice.


To speak to us please call: 0845 805 4813